Investment Programmes

Fund of Asian Private Equity Funds

Our private equity fund of funds seeks to provide investors with access to a diversified portfolio of emerging opportunities in Asia not easily accessible through the listed markets. These investment opportunities have the potential of generating attractive returns commensurate with its risk of investing in Asia.

While targeting opportunities arising from the superior growth potential of Asia’s emerging economies and developing capital markets, we also recognize that it is not enough to just rely on growth to generate returns. We look for managers that invest in early-stage companies, management who can shape the growth trajectory of their companies and investment opportunities in geographies and sectors with attractive valuations.

We constantly work towards building a team of managers who are sensitive to entry valuations, have strong alignment of interests with Limited Partners and have hands-on experience investing in and running businesses in Asia.

Fund of Asian Hedge Funds

Our fund of Asian hedge funds seeks to provide investors with access to a diversified portfolio of absolute return managers with the goal of achieving superior risk-adjusted returns over the listed markets in the long-term.

We use a combination of top-down and bottom-up approaches to construct our investment portfolio across geographies and asset classes.

We seek to identify managers that can generate alpha, implement good downside protection and achieve targeted returns with a high level of transparency.

We are sensitive to the idiosyncratic nature of Asian markets and are mindful of investment strategies that have potential of significant drawdown and illiquidity risk in a stressed situation.

Customised Solutions

We provide customised solutions and portfolios of alternative assets to investors with a specific risk-return profile, investment preferences and structural requirements.